Building construction, from design to execution

Combining materials to achieve high-performance construction results

Multi-skilled engineers and technicians

Our engineering and design office was created in 1986 within our company, founded itself in 1976.
It employs a staff of 12 multi-skilled engineers and technicians from different backgrounds: wood, metal, civil engineering, etc.

We use high-performing structural calculation and design software on a daily basis.

The integration of new engineers (ENSTIB, ENSMM, etc.) since 2003, together with the acquisition of our machining centres in 2011 allow us to serve many multi-site clients and respond to the growing demand.

Your project is handled by a single contact person

This person manages your project from A to Z: studies, design, manufacturing and installation drawings, works supervision, relations with the owner until the final handover.

Integrated machining centres

Our machining centres make it possible to produce all of the roofing, framework and siding elements.
All of the wooden and metal elements required to build the structure are controlled and then transported together to your worksite..

The assembly is carried out by experienced Pallanche teams

Pallanche today

The Pallanche company employs a staff of 40.
Pallanche complies with all of the prevailing construction standards: RT2012 (thermal regulation), BBC (low consumption building), passive, etc.