We design and build all types of buildings at the local and national levels

This includes public buildings, leisure facilities, restaurants, motorway service stations, individual homes and apartment buildings, etc.

Wooden roof construction: Pallanche's historical activity

Since its founding in 1976, Pallanche has developed in-depth expertise in traditional roof construction.

As of the early 1990s, wooden framework techniques opened up a new market

Most of the building components are prefabricated in the workshop.
The wooden framework construction system uses manufacturing techniques that integrate the stresses in the design phase. The objective is to design the panels to just the right size, then cut and assemble them using numerically controlled equipment.

Advanced prefabrication in the workshop considerably reduces installation time and offers very fast assembly.
The fact that the construction does not require drying time or a weatherproofing period allows secondary tradesmen to start working faster, thereby reducing total construction time.

Over time, an evolution towards mixed construction (wood/metal)

It's true that wood has an enormous amount of technical and thermal qualities. But the use of metal is complementary, and makes construction more effective: assemblies, anchoring to the ground, etc.

Based on the drawings produced by our design and engineering office, each metal roof element is pre-cut and assembled in the workshop using a variety of tools: plasma cutting, digital saw, bending machine, shear, welding units, etc. The elements are then assembled on the worksite.
Lead times and environmental impact (cleaner worksite) are reduced.

The right choice of materials allows us to meet your needs as accurately as possible during your project.

Combining materials, along with our know-how, allows us to work without any material constraints.

Once we have created the structure, we create the envelope
(facade covering, siding, decoration, etc.)

We offer a wide range of siding choices: wooden siding, composite siding, metal siding, as well as many decoration options to finish your building.